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FOOD&DRINK November 4, 2016

9 Delightful Drinks from Japan’s Ubiquitous Vending Machines

MosayMay / For a country so steeped in a clean aesthetic and natural materials, Japan’s profusion of vending machines is remarkable. Even the most elegant, traditional-looking street is liable to be marked by one (or six, or 10) vending machines. This may be the first thing a foreigner notices about the country, and one […]

ARTS&CULTURE June 27, 2016

Introduction to Japanese Tea Ceremony

Its name in Japanese is simple – chakai (tea gathering) – but to the rest of the world it is regarded as one of Japan’s greatest mysteries, and is known distinctively as the Japanese Tea Ceremony. But the chakai (or more formal chaji) is not just about tea, nor is it simply a ceremony, something […]

FOOD&DRINK April 26, 2016

Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Tea

Tea, its cultivation and consumption, are crucial to Japan and its culture. Such elegant ancient rituals as the Japanese tea ceremony and unique contemporary creations as green tea ice cream have created the impression that Japan and tea are nearly synonymous. In fact, Japan accounts for a relatively small amount of global tea production and […]